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3 Birthstone Bracelet
3 Birthstone Bracelet

Silver Swarovski Crystal Mother's Bracelet

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Silver Mother's Bracelet
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Each silver wire mothers bracelet is handcrafted for you at the time of your order. This bracelet  can be made with up to 9 birthstones in Swarovski crystal for your children or grandchildren.

To determine your size, measure your wrist with a flexible tape measure and add 1/2 inch to the length.

This bracelet ships in a silver foil gift box.

Gold Gift Box
Silver Foil Gift Box
January January - Garnet January July - Ruby
January February - Amethyst January August - Peridot
January March - Aquamarine January September - Sapphire
January April - Diamond Crystal January October - Rose Tourmaline
January May - Emerald January November - Golden Topaz
January June - Alexandrite January December - Blue Zircon

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